For over 40 years, the Switzerland based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Helsinn has been committed to providing cutting edge treatments against cancer and other key diseases. Led by CEO Riccardo Braglia, the company maintains a worldwide presence and focus on innovative and quality products designed to help patients receive quality care and minimize treatment side effects. In recent years, the company has been focused on introducing treatments for chemotherapy induced vomiting (CINV). Left untreated, this condition can impact the quality of life of cancer patients. Two products designed to help this condition are Akynzeo and Aloxi. Akynzeo works by being a unique combination medicine, Palonosetron and Netupitant- these two different classes of medicine means that Akynzeo prevents nausea and vomiting by impacting two different pathways in the body. Akynzeo is typically given by your doctor in pill or injection formats before a patients treatment cycle. To learn more about the above products, visit


Swiss-Italian Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Riccardo Braglia

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Riccardo Braglia

Swiss-Italian Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Riccardo Braglia